Granny gave me relationship advice and her blessing and told me to not be afraid to pursue a relationship if I really like someone out of fear of upsetting her or my parents cause I know what’s in my heart and I should be true to it. I cried.

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Granny has been crying because she’s thinking ahead about how she’s gonna miss us and I know she, like myself, is sad all the time about our circumstances and I realize that I actually truly, really, wholly HATE the way my life turned out. I regret everything.


Character Relationships → Haymitch & Effie, The Hunger Games [3/?]

Unfortunately, I can’t seal the sponsor deals for you. Only Haymitch can do that,” says Effie grimly. “But don’t worry, I’ll get him to the table at gunpoint if necessary.”
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“Face it, Doctor,” Barnaby finished. “The captain didn’t put you in charge of the situation. He put you in charge of the retreat.”

WHATTTT???? Barnaby can stfu with that cause I’m pretty sure Picard knew what he was doing when he gave her command and knew she’d do her own thing, fly into the sun if she had to, and save the day! As if she’d actually leave them all behind and retreat HA! And then talking bout how “she didn’t have the training for making the tough calls” and how eager she was to give back command to Picard cause she can’t handle it just yet -___- like please she runs the damn ship. I JUST… NOOOOO. Like that is not her at all. I AM SO ANGRY AT THIS lol


”[…] Fred Astaire is all about sex, really - the kind women most dream of. He had a way of seeming as if he were trying to please his partner as much as himself, an intensely ardent and affectionate way of looking at her. He also was forceful and gentle at the same time; he dominated without being domineering about it and the result was unique […]” (x)

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The doctor told granny to REST and the stubborn woman IS DOING EVERYTHING EXCEPT RESTING. She will be the death of me cause I’m having heart attacks about her prolonging her injuries. GRANDMOTHER CAN WE NOT DO THIS OMG

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Eva Gabor by Philippe Halsman

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Lucille Ball and her son, Desi Arnaz Jr. 

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I’ve been tagged for some memes ok, here’s the first one!

Tagged by allamaraine :)

Do you prefer video games or board games?

I’ve only played video games a few times in my life so I haven’t been able to really appreciate them. Board games would have to be my answer then.

What was the last book you read? What did you think of it?

Can’t remember the last book I fully read without skimming. But recently I read (for the most part) the novelization of the TNG two-part episode “Descent”. To no one’s surprise, I mostly read the Beverly parts to see if the written version held up to what we saw on screen with her commanding the ship. While I liked that it added layers to her character and gave insight into her mindset while acting as captain, I thought it also took away the strength we are used to seeing onscreen and made her more vulnerable and unsure of herself being captain than I would like because Beverly Crusher is hardcore and gets shit done without batting an eyelash and can damn well be the captain all day, any day, no problem. And it states a few things about why Picard chose her to act in his stead (other than what is implied in the actual episode being that she is fully competent and he trusts her implicitly) which I found odd and didn’t really like cause I’m not sure if they’re necessarily good things about her. Bad move there author! Basically while it added depth to her onscreen character, it also took something away from her that didn’t sit well with me. And ain’t nobody bout to diminish her in front of me, thank you very much. As for the other bits of the book, LOL WHO CARES?? I’m here for Beverly duh. It was an ok book but I prefer the episode.

Peanut butter, Nutella, or Vegemite?

Peanut butter yo

Draw a picture of your favorite animal and post a picture/scan of it here.

Oh gosh I have NO drawing talent whatsoever so that’s not happening and as I’m in the third world without any proper way of getting the photo on here, it’s really not happening. Sorry!

You get to go to one planet (or dwarf planet!) in our solar system for a couple of days. Assuming the trip there takes no more than a day and you have all the equipment you need to survive comfortably, which do you choose?

Venus!! Just so I can sing and dance to Lady Gaga’s Venus :P

What song never fails to get you pumped up?

Party Up in Here - DMX, das muh jam lmao

What is one of your favorite paintings? Have you had the fortune to see it in real life?

Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory, haven’t seen it in real life tho. (I have seen the Mona Lisa at the Louvre tho! And took a cheesy pic of myself with it lol)

Have you ever been camping? If so when was the last time you went? Do you enjoy it?

Yes, I usually go almost every summer and most recently was last summer. I enjoy some aspects of it more than others, my fave thing is kayaking. Tbh where I am rn isn’t much different from camping as I’m still getting bitten by insects and having to battle the elements lolol 

What or who initially brought you to tumblr?

I wanted to see what the cool kids were doing on here. At the time I’m sure I came for fab pics of Catherine Tate❤️

How many emails are in your inbox right now?

On my main blog 787. I don’t delete things oops.

Apologies for not tagging anyone or leaving questions.

"Does anybody still wear a hat?"

Elaine Stritch, Feb. 2nd 1925 - July 17th 2014. 

Hats off to ya!

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“[She’s] a broad, in the best sense of the word. She’s funny, fabulous, fearless, fragile…”

Director Chiemi Karasawa on the late Elaine Stritch.

Photograph by Brigitte Lacombe.


Happy Birthday Virginia Katherine McMath aka Ginger Rogers!
(July 16, 1911 – April 25, 1995)

“Ginger owes much of her professional longevity to her singular versatility. There are few who can act comedy and drama, as well as sing and dance. Ginger continues to conceive fresh activity and new fields. She is still stagestruck and screenstruck. Further, she retains the nerve of a newcomer, and the courage of a champion. What is a movie star, anyway? Is it magnetism? Well then, what’s magnetism? Or personality, for that matter. The mysterious quality is more than talent. The indefinable has been defined as ‘human warmth’, ‘mass appeal’ and ‘identification’, among other things. Whatever it is, Ginger Rogers had it and has it.” - Garson Kanin

“She was the dance queen of Hollywood … and George Balanchine once remarked that he only came to America because it was a land of girls like Ginger Rogers. Some of the others may have been better dancers; Ginger Rogers was a better star. Only with her did dance in the movie musical become a medium of serious emotion, only with her did Fred Astaire do his very best work, only with her did sophistication suddenly become accessible to all.”Sheridan Morley

"I don’t think there’s ever been anyone like Ginger, never. She was heaven." - Stanley Donen

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Granny says “show this picture of us to Judith!”

"It’s true after sleeping with the captain she got job on the ship"Gates McFadden confirming our suspicions on twitter (x)

"Lying naked in the arms of Beverly Crusher"Patrick Stewart on how he would like to wrap up the character of Jean-Luc Picard (x)

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