Anonymous: I live for you and your Judith interactions. They always make my day. Thanks for writing about your personal experiences. (That sounded weird). *Same anon from before*

No it’s not weird, I’m really flattered. Thank you!

Ms. Light as Veronika Goss in Last Weekend (x)

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Anonymous: I just heard Judith singing "Ladies Who Lunch" and she was fabulous.

She can do anything :D

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I seldom write about my encounters with Judith lately because it’s so personal but I’m always glad to share if anyone is interested. For the anon who asked, I hope you like this one.

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Space Sisters ROCK! Mary and Jeri and me 


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Anonymous: Do you think you might write about it? I'd be excited to hear it. (I live vicariously through you when it comes to Judith.)

You’re very sweet :) Sure, I can certainly share that story, I’ll do so soon, tomorrow afternoon perhaps. (also if you’d like to chat off anon we can totally do that, if not that’s ok. I’m really glad you’re interested, thanks!)


Welcome back to Downton Abbey. (x)

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Downton Abbey season five trailer [x]

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Anonymous: When did Judith squish your cheeks? I missed that story.

oh my gosh, that just happened this past thursday so it’s a new story! i haven’t written about it except for that post where i mentioned it.

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Make a list of 15 things that make you happy!

  1. my granny
  2. theatre
  3. judith light
  4. gates mcfadden
  5. oh what the hell ALL MY LADY HEROES lbr
  6. mother’s cooking
  7. my pillow Fudge-ums
  8. full bookshelves
  9. classic tv shows
  10. really good friends
  11. reading scripts
  12. teachers who genuinely care
  13. hanging with my sisters
  14. A-line dresses
  15. red lipstick applied perfectly

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August 29, 1964 - Mary Poppins premieres in New York City

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Ms. Light attends the New York City Screening of Last Weekend (August 28, 2014)

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Judith Light squished my cheeks while I was mid-sentence and embarrassed me by talking about how great I am. I’m officially her daughter.

Concept art for Mary Poppins

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