"I was in sickbay doing drugs."

Here are The Three Amigas, @Marina_Sirtis @TheDeniseCrosby & @gates_mcfadden #DST3 #StarTrekDestination @StarTrek_DST (x)
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At last! If anyone has been waiting for my super big post about my con experience, well here it is. Before I begin, a few things: 1) please do not reblog this, it is very personal and I don’t want it circulating around the internet so if I can rely on you all to respect this wish I’d appreciate it; 2) I’m still in a bit of a haze from it all because it is quite a lot to take in so I expect bits and pieces might be missing; 3) I will try my very best to convey the depth and meaning this experience has to me and I hope anyone reading will understand or at the very least try to; 4) I think I will do 3 posts, 1 for each day’s experience so please bear with me; and 5) thank you for reading, it’s quite lengthy but thank you if you stay till the end! (Oh and I hope Gates never sees this ever bc I’m about to make myself look like a fool with all the impending gushing lol like srsly she better not see this omg pleaseee)

Now onto the story …

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DENISE: See, we know how to do a practical joke.
MARINA: Anyone else apart from our girls — I will cut you! 
GATES: She still will — she’ll be mean.
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The Order of the Companions of Honour, to be a member; Dame Maggie Smith, for services to drama.

If I do 3 posts about my weekend would that be a problem? Is it too much? Would anyone care to read all or just stop at one? It’s just that I have a lot to say and share ….

tiffaancyy: You seems like such a genuinely lovely person; I wish we lived near each other so we could hang out and I could bask in your loveliness.

others would beg to differ with you, i’m sure lol thank you, you’re so very sweet <3

allamaraine: I am just so so ridiculously happy for you right now! You're amazing Gates is amazing gah I'm going to cry <3

thank you thank you thank you <3 i’ve been crying forever! i’ve never felt so loved and worthy and alive :P

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In the meantime … OK but selfies with them! THEIR IDEA!

Hello everyone, thank you all for your kind messages regarding my weekend. It was something special alright. I know I said I’ll write about it and I will, it just needs to be done right and done well because so much happened and I’m still taken aback. I realize I’ve been walking around in a daze for the last 5 days so tbh I’m not sure what the hell is going on. I’m not paying attention to anyone very well (my mother bobbed her hair Friday and I just noticed this morning jfc). I’m really a mess and right now I’m not sure how much to share and what so I must think it through because I am feeling everything now and it’s hitting hard and fast. Some really personal things were said and done. Every night I came home I cried bc I couldn’t believe it. I cried at work today where I also had a chat by text with my granny who I’m even alive to be able to chat with bc of Gates. I’m really just stunned and now I’m having nightmares that it wasn’t real at all. Also unfortunately I fell ill Sunday night and I need to rest desperately. So if you’ll like to know my story, it will come. Soon. I only ask patience. Thanks again for your kind words to me. Those of you who have witnessed my journey since the start, thank you especially because you know the depth of what this all means xx

Today I told her everything, everything that happened to me that twisted and damaged my soul and everything she’s done for me to heal me and bring back my will to be alive. It was just me and her and the world melted away. Her concern for me touched me deeply. She held my hands and my face and let me know that I am worthy and then we hugged for a long time. I told her I loved her and she said it right back. Usually I doubt people when they express affection towards me but I believe her. Because when Gates loves, she LOVES with all her heart. And she willingly gave me that blessing and I will always have it. I only ever wanted to meet her and say hello and thank you, and what I got was her genuine love in return, the greatest gift she could ever give me. She is beautiful❤️

Marina thinks Indians are the most beautiful people in the world. She said I must look into a mirror every day and tell myself “I am gorgeous!” And threatened to slap me if I don’t do it. I love her! I wore my lehenga today because she made me feel beautiful and proud to be Indian.

Did you think I was lying tho? Lol

Gates left, she was wonderful. Definitely took over her seat and table. I’m signing autographs. Come thru :)

She signed it and wrote “You have the Inner Light of Awesomeness”. And kept saying there was something about me that made me special. I am the happiest I’ve ever been❤️